Mitigating Flood Risk

Paxico, Kansas is a rural small town with just over 200 residents. The majority of the town lies in a high flood risk zone, which has experienced limited economic development for over a generation.

Evaluating Sustainability

Examining how we conceptualize and measure complex latent constructs like sustainability and related ideas of vulnerability, resilience, and adaptive capacity. Ongoing work includes: A sensitivity analysis of a social vulnerability index for the US across resolutions and extents.

Rural Sustainability

Critically examining how we define what is “rural” and the factors that are uniquely associated with sustainability in rural areas. Ongoing work includes: A systematic review of the drivers and outcomes of rural sustainability studies.

Nurture Wildcat Creek

The Nurture Wildcat Creek initiative aims to promote community-engaged research and education in the Wildcat Creek Watershed in Riley County, Kansas. Our goals are to: Promote responsible and sustainable management of our local watershed resources.

Diversity of Agricultural Landscapes

Agriculture is undeniably the anthropogenic process that has had the greatest impact on what covers the earth’s surface. Advances in agricultural technology have revolutionized how we farm and have led to major increases in our ability to produce food and fibers to meet the needs of a growing the human population.

Strategic Retreat

Recognizing the importance of strategic retreat policies and programs in building a sustainable future we examine the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of voluntary buyout programs in the United States.